We will provide to you best quality and reasonable prices. surgical instruments, Dental instruments, Orthopedics Implants & instruments. Electro Surgical Unit and Veterinary Instruments

Shanahi International Corporation has manufactured Helix Needle which use for biopsy operation. We have made this needle from the help of drawing. This needle designed by Mr.P.H.Janssens from Med invents Belgium. So here we want to mention that we can manufacture every kind of instruments with the help of drawing.
Due to strong request of our world wide customer Shanahi International Corporation has start manufacturing of Endoscopy Instrument since 2003. You can import from us very fine quality Endoscopy Instruments at very competitive prices.

For our main customers we Shanahi International Corporation is manufacturing Cardiovascular Instruments / Sets. In these instruments / sets we also use titanium instruments. Shanahi offer to world wide companies they can import great quality Cardiovascular Instruments / Sets at very competitive prices.

For Veterinary Customers we are manufacturing fine quality different kinds of Spay Instruments Sets.

For more information please contact: info@shanahi.com

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